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On Tuesday, March 1, 2022, residents of the South Tama County Community School District will vote on a bond issue question.


If approved, the bond would allow the district to renovate the Iowa Juvenile Home property to address our middle school space and facility needs. The property would be renovated to provide a 21st century learning environment, with an addition to right-size the school.  

Over the past several years, the district and board have been working to find potential solutions to STC Middle School’s facility and space needs. The building is 106 years old and is considered one of the oldest—if not the oldest—functioning middle schools in the state. The lifespan of a typical middle school is 70 years.  


For several months, our community-led Facility Task Force has been examining these needs and exploring potential solutions. The task force reviewed several options and recommended the renovation of the IJH after an evaluation of numerous factors, including cost, logistics, space, and community feedback.

After receiving 344 verified signatures on a community petition, the board unanimously approved a ballot question for residents' consideration on March 1, 2022.

Recent Updates

Tuesday, February 22 at 7 p.m.

STC High School

1715 Harding St. in Tama

Join us for an upcoming
informational session:

Did you miss the January 27 informational session? See this slide deck to view the presentation that was shared at the event!

Take a look at these sketches of what a new South Tama County
Middle School could look like:

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This option involves renovating the vacant Iowa Juvenile Home, with an addition to right-size the school. The remaining area at the site would be developed into community housing.

COST: $26.8 Million


  • Tax Levy Rate: $2.06

  • The tax rate would decrease due to the district paying off a previous GO Bond

  • Residential: 🔻$31.54/year ($2.63/month) from current tax bill based on a home assessed at $100,000

  • Agricultural: 🔻$339.41/year ($28.28/month) based on the assessed value of 400 acres



  • Creates a future for Iowa Juvenile Home

  • Leverages state funds

  • Maintains a district presence in Toledo

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