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Planning for a Bright Future at STC Middle School

Over the past several years, the South Tama County Community School District has been working to find potential solutions to STC Middle School’s facility and capacity needs. These needs, if left unaddressed, threaten the level of quality education we can provide to our students.   

By acting now, district leadership and the Board of Education believe we can address these needs in a way that will ensure our middle school continues to provide excellent learning environments for students now and in the years to come.  


The South Tama County Community Task Force is taking the lead on finding solutions to our middle school facility and capacity challenges, working with INVISION Architecture and Estes Construction to examine a range of options. Additionally, INVISION and Estes Construction have met with more than 400 people in the community through 20 meetings over the past several months.


The community-led task force has landed on two potential options for a new middle school.

Recent Updates


The Community Reuse option would involve renovating the vacant Iowa Juvenile Home, with an addition to right-size the school. The remaining area at the site would be developed into community housing.

COST: $25 Million


  • Tax Levy Rate: $1.87

  • The tax rate would decrease due to the district paying off a previous GO Bond

  • Residential: 🔻$42.79 from current tax bill based on a home assessed at $100,000

  • Agricultural: 🔻$416.52 based on the assessed value of 400 acres



  • Potential to add 50+ housing units

  • Creates a future for Iowa Juvenile Home

  • Leverages state funds

  • Maintains a district presence in Toledo

Tama Community Reuse.jpg


The More Together option would include constructing a middle school addition at our high school site and renovating the limited spaces at the high school for shared science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) spaces. It would use the middle of the estimated budget range and maximum bonding capacity.

COST: $31 Million


  • Tax Levy Rate: $2.70

  • Little to no change in property tax bills due to the district paying off a previous GO Bond



  • Creates a unified STC campus

  • New highway visual identity

  • Potential traffic impact

  • Ability to host larger events

Tama More Together.jpg
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